bicycle channel Amsterdam Delft Holland
Location: Delft, The Netherlands
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Netherlands (13 million bikes, 16 million Dutchmen) is the most bicycle-friendly country in the world. No matter social class, age or where you live, bicycle is the main transport for short distances. It’s common to see people in suits cycling to work, mums carrying their babies on the specially adapted bikes, elder people…)

Only in Amsterdam, which is a relatively small city (population of 750,000 people), there are one million bikes and over 400km of bicycle paths. Coming to Netherlands and not riding a bicycle is almost a crime. I always recommend to everybody visiting the country to rent a bicycle and live an authentic Dutch experience.

In many places bicycles and cities don’t get on with very well, and sometimes taking the bicycle is almost suicidal. However, in Netherlands there is nothing to be afraid of. Cycling is actually very safe, with their bicycle lanes separated from the traffic, your own traffic lights and parking lots.

If you are in Amsterdam, rent a bicycle to move around the city center. It is much cheaper than public transport and much more fun. You will not regret it!

Places to rent a bike: