fallen tree in het Park Rotterdam
Location: Het Park, Rotterdam. The Netherlands
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The Park (Het Park in Dutch) is the biggest park of Rotterdam. The Park is located between the Nieuwe Maas, the Parkhaven, Westzeedijk and the Maritime Quarter.

There is something in fallen trees that absorb me. I don’t know what, but I find them really interesting to photograph. Maybe is the fact that we are not used to see them lying on the ground, when most of the times they are standing, tall, strong, reaching the sky, or maybe is because most of the times when trees fall, they deny to die and keep fighting to live, growing branches and leaves for years and years until they finally concede.

This one is in Het Park (The Park, in English), the biggest park in Rotterdam. If you visit the city, it is worth a view. If you bring some bread, in a matter of seconds you will be surrounded by an army of ducks, gooses, seagals coming from everywhere.

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