snow Amsterdam winter bicycle Holland white
Location: Jordaan, Amsterdam. The Netherlands
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The Netherlands is a country placed below the sea level and Amsterdam is not an exception. This very particular characteristic, together with the proximity of the coast, is supposed to guarantee softer winters than in other northern countries in Europe.

However, in very cold winters, the temperature can drop way below 0ºC (40ºF) and it can snow quite often. The whole city gets snowed in, the channels get frozen, it's common to see people skating on them... The view of the city changes dramatically. This photograph was taken in the Jordaan, one of the most beautiful districts in Amsterdam.

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However, the snow doesn't stop people to keep using their bikes. Bicycles lines are cleaned up quite often and, when not, the layer of snow is thin enough for cycling. The real enemy of bicycles is not the snow, but the ice.

The only problem comes when you locked your bike in one of those massive parkings with hundreds of bicycles. You’d better remember the exact location of your bike, otherwise you will spend some time trying to find it between hundreds of identical snow covered bicycles!