Voorhaven channel Rotterdam Defshaven
Location: Voorhaven channel in Defshaven (Rotterdam). The Netherlands
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Rotterdam was completely obliterated by the German air force on 14th May 1940. In total, 1,150 x 50 kg (110 lb) and 158 x 250 kg (550 lb) bombs were dropped, mainly in the residential areas of Kralingen and the medieval city centre.

As a result of the bombing, the city center had to be completely rebuilt and its building are very recent.Rotterdam is now a very modern city, full of buildings with interesting and intriguing designs and forms, a real pleasure for those who love modern architecture.

However, not everything was devastated by the Second World War. Delfshaven is an old Rotterdam port that remained intact. If you are planning to visit the city, you shouldn’t miss this old district. Compared to the rest of Rotterdam's modern architecture, Delfshaven shines with its beautiful old buildings, channels and canal boats.

After seeing the city center, the famous Erasmus Bridge and the surroundings, I recommend to walk along the Rotte river, watching the constant traffic of massive merchant ships, until you reach Delfshaven . You will get there after 20 minutes approximately, and you will know it as the style of the buildings changes dramatically. There is even an old Dutch windmill!

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