Binn Leitri mountain in Connemara Twelve Bens
Location: Connemara National Park. Ireland
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The Twelve Bens, or Twelve Pins is a group of mountains located in Connemara National Park, in the west of Ireland. Although they are not very high (the elevation of the peaks varies among 516 m. and 729 m.), they are quite steep. Their sharp inclination together with the frequent rainfall produce a lot of small trickles and streams. They can actually be quite treacherous in bad weather conditions.

They are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts as they provide excellent walking and climbing opportunities as well as very nice views of Connemara National Park and its hundreds of lakes and hills. The picture is taken on the top of Binn Leitrí (Benlettery in English) in a surprisingly sunny day (weather in Ireland is really wet).

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