Many tulips variety in Keukenhof
Location: Keukenhof garden. The Netherlands
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Like in this other photogragh, no Photoshop here either. The colours of the tulips in Keukenhof garden are just unreal!

Keukenhof gardeners cross different varieties of tulips to create a new types. There are 1,700 varieties of tulips, and about 80 percent come from Holland.

I highly recommend visiting Keukenhof to those who visit Amsterdam in Spring and have a spare day to spend. The best way to get there from Amsterdam is buying a Combi-ticket. This is a return bus ticket to Keukenhof and an entrance ticket to the garden. The bus goes directly to Keukenhof and you can enter the garden right away, so you will not have problems with train schedules, bus stops, parking problems or even ticket queues. You can get this combi ticket in Amsterdam Central tourist information center or on the Keukenhof web site