Love padlocks in Hohenzollern Bridge Cologne
Location: Cologne. Germany
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Love locks have existed for quite a while but it seems no one knows the origin of this curious tradition. There are many places around the world where you can see this. In particular, this picture is a detail of the fence of Hohenzollern Bridge, in Cologne. Since 2008 people have placed love padlocks on this fence between the sidewalk and the tracks and now it's completely full.

This tradition creates great controversy because it can be sometimes dangerous. In Florence, for instance, the city council had to remove 5500 love padlocks from the Ponte Vecchio bridge. According to the council the padlocks both pose an aesthetic problem as well as scratch and dent the metal of the bridge.

Deutsche Bahn, the bridge's operator, threatened to remove the locks of this bridge in Cologne too, but in the end relented in the face of public opposition.

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