View of the Manhattan New York skyline at night from Brooklyn
Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park. New York. U.S.
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This photo was taken from the Brooklyn Bridge Park, one of the best locations to view the New York skyline. That blur effect on the clouds and the water is provoked by the long exposure (30 seconds). Of course, a good tripod is completely mandatory if you want to get a decent shot.

A common mistake is to think that any tripod will do. A good quality tripod is required to avoid the vibrations provoked by the weight of the camera and the wind. Otherwise, if the tripod is too flimsy, the camera will not be completely steady and the result will be blurry.

Check out the map below if you want to see where exactly this park is. Once you have crossed the Brooklyn Bridge (assuming you are coming from Manhattan), it takes just five more minutes to get there.

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