Statue of Liberty sunset New York
Location: Liberty Island, New York. U.S.
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This iconic statue was a gift to the United States from France. It's a robed female figure representing Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, who bears a torch and a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law). The statue has become an icon of freedom and of the United States.

Planning to visit the Statue of Liberty? Don't do it!

Are you planning to go New York and visit the statue? Well, let me tell you something. It's not worth the time!
You will have to queue to get the tickets, to wait in line for security. Then you will wait again at the dock. The boat stops first at Ellis Island (30 min) and then stops in Liberty Island (another 20 min). Then you will have to wait more time in the island to get the statue.

In total, expect to spend at least 4-5 hours, most of which will be waiting. And all that for what? For going up and looking through a small window of the statue?

New York has so many things to offer. You can spend a whole month in the city and still not be able to see it all. So, if you are in town for a few days, are you really sure you want to waste half a day for that??

I would recommend taking the free ferry from Battery Park to Staten Island instead of visiting the statue. The ship passes by Liberty Island and you will enjoy a fabulous view of the statue and the city skyline from the ship.

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