Alcatraz island corridor block prison cell jail security the rock San Francisco

Location: Alcatraz Island. California. US.
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This corridor in Alcatraz prison is called Broadway and was located between the B Block and the C Block. There are 336 cells in these two blocks and each one is 2.75 x 1.5 metres (9 x 5 feet).

A total of 13 official counts are made each 24 hours. On each counting process the prisoners had to stand by the door facing out and remain there until the whistle signal, during which time the lieutenants and the cell house guards of both shifts make the count. When the count is found to be correct, the lieutenant orders the cells unlocked.

The doors of the prison cells cannot get open or close individually. All the doors are part of a mechanic system that move them all at the same time, creating a impressive slum sound when closing.

Other pictures of my visit to Alcatraz Island.

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