canoe in Lake Maligne black and white Jasper national park Canada Alberta Rocky Mountains

Location: Jasper National Park. Alberta. Canada

This is Maligne Lake, one of the most known lakes in Jasper National Park, Canada. It is famous for the milky blue colour of its water, the surrounding peaks, the three glaciers visible from the lake and Spirit Island.

With 22.5 km (14.0 mi) long and is 97 m (318 ft) at its deepest point, Maligne Lake is the second largest glacial fed lake in the world. Its average water temperature is about 4 degrees Celsius (39 F).

In Canada the canoe played a key role in history and it is really a symbol of Canadian identity. A canoe trip on Maligne Lake is a surreal experienced not to be missed, the farther away from the boat launch you get the better the scenery becomes! The Canadian Rockies at their best!

The guys in the canoe are fishing. It is permitted in Maligne Lake from late May through September, but requires a National Park Fishing Licence.

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