burnt out forest Yellowstone National Park Wyoming US sunset fire 1988 trees standing

Location: Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming. US.

This photograph was taken in Yellowstone National Park, in a forest that was burnt by wildfires. Burnt out trees remain standing, although new young trees are already rising to take their place.

Due to the dry weather and high temperatures, fire danger in Yellowstone is usually high in summer. When visiting the park, it's not hard to see large burnt black areas on the hills.

The park took a massive hit in 1988. The fires of 1988 together formed the largest wildfire in the recorded history of the U.S.'s Yellowstone National Park. Starting as many smaller individual fires, the flames spread quickly out of control with increasing winds and drought and combined into one large conflagration, which burnt for several months. The entire park was closed to all non-emergency personnel for the first time in its history. Only the arrival of rain and snow stopped the advance of the fires in the late Autumn.

It's been many years since then and the new trees we see in the picture seem younger, which indicates that this fire was sadly more recent.

Here you have a more detailed photo of the sunset