Morning Glory Pool Yellowstone National Park colorful hot spring geyser

Location: Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming. US

Morning Glory Pool is not actually a pool but it is one of the most famous and magnificent hot springs of Yellowstone.

The dimensions of this geothermal feature, located in the Upper Geyser Basin, are 23 x 26.6 feet (7 x 8 meters) and it is 23 feet (7 meters) deep. The temperature of the water remains 171°F (77ÂșC), hence the steam coming out the surface you can see on the photo.

The name was suggested in 1883 by the wife of the superintendent of the park Mrs. EN McGowan. She called it “Convolutus”, which is a Latin word used for Morning glory flower. The colors of this breathtaking hot spring are created by thermophilic bacteria present in the pool.

Unfortunately, this beautiful pool has fallen victim to vandalism. People have thrown literally tons of coins, trash and rocks into the pool, partially blocking the vents of the spring, affecting water circulation and accelerating the loss of thermal energy. Through the years Morning Glory's appearance has changed as its temperature dropped. Orange and yellow bacteria that formerly colored only the periphery of the spring now spread toward its center.

The map below shows exactly the location of this hot spring in the park.
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