Amsterdam channels bridges Keizersgracht Leidsegracht by night city lights

Location: Amsterdam. The Netherlands

This is one of my favorite places probably one of the most beautiful corners in Amsterdam. It also condenses in one picture two of the most iconic features of the city: the typical Dutch super narrow houses
and the beautiful canals. I especially like the mirror effect that lights of the bridges create on the water.

This place is in the intersection of the canals Keizersgracht and Leidsegracht (see map below).

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Why are houses in Amsterdam so narrow?

Amsterdam was originally build as a village for storage and to house people that worked in the port. The houses where build long but narrow, in order to get as many houses and storage buildings into the city as possible.

In addition, back in the 16th Century, Dutch authorities imposed taxes based (among other things) on the width of their houses. This tax scheme pushed citizens to build even narrower houses.

The narrowest house in Amsterdam is located at Singel 7 and is just one meter (40 inches) wide, barely wider than its front door!

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