Photo Red Light District prostitution sex shops Oude Kerk city oldest church in Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam. The Netherlands.

Prostitution is legal in The Netherlands, and in Amsterdam most of it is concentrated in the Red Light District where it has enjoyed a long tradition of tolerance. As a matter of  fact, today prostitutes in The Netherlands are also taxpayers.

There are three Red Light Districts in Amsterdam, but the largest and most popular by far is "De Wallen". It consists of a network of alleys containing approximately three hundred one-room cabins rented by prostitutes who offer their sexual services from behind a window or glass door, typically illuminated with red lights.

This photo was taken at the surroundings of "De Oude Kerk", or the Old Church, which is the oldest church in Amsterdam. Yes, exactly! a large 13th Century church in Amsterdam is located in the center of the Red Light District! how cool is that? :)

Although the area of Amsterdam Red Light District may look dodgy, it is certainly not any dangerous place to stay. It is actually a quite safe and well controlled part of the city, with police regularly patrolling around.

If you are visiting Amsterdam, the RLD is at walking distance from Dam Square and it is definitely a very unique place that is worth a visit.

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