Amsterdamse Bos forest park foggy lake river autumn fall grey

Location: Amsterdamse Bos. The Netherlands.

The Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest in English) is a park in the municipalities Amstelveen and Amsterdam. It receives almost 4.5 million people every year and has a size of 1,000 hectares, approximately three times bigger than Central Park.

It was totally artificially created on unused turf lands and wetlands. As some of the trees have now seventy years, Amsterdamse Bos is today a real forest. Since it was planned and arranged, it has many facilities created for sports and leisure. It has among others, several large water areas (a long artificial rowing lake, several other lakes, a number of swimming pools, some of them small for children) and multiple sports facilities.

It's a marvellous place where you can relax walking, riding a bike, making a picnic... You get beautiful views even in cold foggy Autumn days, like the photo above.