Triberg waterfall Black Forest Germany Schwarzwald green river

Location: Triberg, Back Forest. Germany

Triberg is a small town with just over 5000 inhabitants located in the Black Forest, Germany. This town is famous for two things: the Triberg waterfalls and being home to the Cuckoo Clock.

In reality, it is unknown who invented the cuckoo clock and where the first one was made, but it is thought that much of its development and evolution was made in the Black Forest in Germany, where it was popularized.

Triberg waterfalls have an overall drop of 163 metres over 7 cascades.
More than half a million people visit this spectacle of nature every year. There is a small fee to enter the park (around 3-4 eur) and there are three entrances to the waterfalls, which are reached via asphalted paths, steps and footbridges. There are bridges, steep gravel paths and rocky stairs, which unfortunately make the place totally unsuitable for prams and pushchairs. However, you can reach the lowest and largest cascade of the waterfall relatively easily from the main entrance.

Many people wrongly believe that Triber Waterfalls are the highest in Germany, but they are actually second highest in Germany. Röthbach Waterfall near Lake Constance, with a vertical drop of 470 metres (1540 ft) is the highest.